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Steve Yeary
Steve Yeary is a Registered Environmental Health Specialist for the Indiana State Department of Health’s (ISDH’s) Environmental Public Health Division. He’s been with the division for a little over four years, during which time he’s worked to regulate various camps and mobile home parks, in addition to educating health department personnel on pool related issues, as well as on issues relating to clandestine drug-lab cleanup. Steve serves as a point of contact for public/semi-public pool related issues and instructs targeted CPO courses for state/local health inspectors in Indiana. Prior to his time at ISDH, Steve was the primary environmental health specialist/REHS at the Clinton County Health Department for nearly ten (10) years. There, he covered a variety of issues such as onsite wastewater, environmental releases, drug lab cleanup, lead risk assessment, pools, and housing. Steve is a 2002 graduate of Purdue University’s Natural Resources and Environmental Science rogram. He lives in his hometown of Tipton, Indiana with his daughter Adelynn.