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Sarah Badenhop
Sarah Badenhop is a Registered Sanitarian in the State of Ohio and she holds a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Health from Bowling Green State University. She is currently a Public Health Sanitarian II, Program Coordinator, in the Water and Land Protection Program of Environmental Health at Columbus Public Health (CPH) in Columbus, OH. The program currently licenses around 800 public swimming pools and spas to ensure regulatory compliance and protect the health and safety of the patrons. Her role includes inspecting and licensing newly constructed and remodeled pools as well as assisting colleagues during routine inspections. Sarah is a certified NSPFⓇ Instructor and co-teaches the CPOⓇ Certification Course at CPH. Other programs she currently coordinates are body art, C&DD landfill, sewage, and private water. Prior to joining Water and Land Protection, she was part of the Food Protection Program and she is also certified to teach the nationally accredited ServSafe course.