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Connie Centrella
Connie Sue Centrella has fifty-five years of swimming pool experience, including 30 years in family pool business and 25 years in distribution, chemical sales, and education. She is currently RWF training and Consultant for Royal Caribbean International. She is retired from bother her positions as Director of Education for Team Horner Group and Department Chair/ Professor of Aquatic Engineering Technology at Keiser University. Centrella is also a Contributing Writer for The Edge, Pool & Spa News, Pool and Spa Marketing, Parks and Recreation Business, Camp Business, Water Conditioning and Purification, and Aquatics International - with a total of 80 Published Articles. She has been a Certified Pool Operator Instructor for 35 years and currently serves on the Education Committee for the National Swimming Pool Foundation. She is a member of the Joint Committee for (NSF) National Sanitation Foundation Recreational Water Facilities, the Regulation Committee for Vessel Sanitation Program for United States Public Health, and of CMAHC- Technical Support Committee for Operations and Maintenance - Model Aquatic Health Code Centrella earned her Masters of Business Administration from Keiser University and a Bachelor of Science Degree from Vanderbilt University.