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Marcus Yoder
Marc Yoder is Sr. Vice President of Leisure Pool & Spa Supply, Inc. and Premier Aquatic Construction dba. Marc has over 14 years of experience in the commercial pool & aquatic industry and holds the N.R.P.A. Aquatic Facility Operator, N.S.P.F. Certified Pool Spa Operator, Aquatic Risk Management, Aquatic Facility Audits, Pool & Spa Inspector Certifications among others. Marc has served on the board of the IN. Chapter of A.P.S.P. and currently serves as ‘Co-Chair’ on the State of Indiana, Dept. of Health’s “Public Swimming Pool Code Committee.” Together with Co-Chair partner, Mike Mettler Dir. Of Environmental Div. at I.S.D.H., he oversaw the development of Indiana’s new Public Swimming Pool Rule which was developed by following M.A.H.C. guidelines and input from both public and private aquatics industry professionals from around Indiana. Marc joined the family business in 2007 his introduction into and experience working in the industry dates back to the 90’s when he would work after school and during summer breaks. Marc started out in the service department where he gained a fundamental, real world understanding of the necessary skills and tricks unique to the operation, service, and repairing of commercial pool systems & equipment. In 2011, as director of the company’s commercial pool division, Marc oversaw the establishment and development of a branch location in Indianapolis to better serve their new clients in the central & southern regions of the state. In 2014 Marc was named Vice President of Operations for both the parent company and their new subsidiary, Premier Aquatic Construction. Today Marc oversees the day to day operations of the commercial pool division and is the lead project manager for all new construction & renovations.