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Wolfgang Matheis
Wolfgang has been the Product Manager for Disinfection- and Oxidation-Systems at ProMinent Heidelberg for 10 years. In this position, he is responsible for the development and marketing of ozone and UV-radiation systems; the validation and certification of UV-systems according to various standards such as DVGW, ÖVGW, NSF 50 and EPA UVDGM of low and medium pressure UV-units; and for the development of innovative and efficient solutions using ozone or UV-radiation technologies Prior to that, Matheis was in Project Management at KMU for 2 years. In this position, he worked on recycling and free of charge water treatment of industrial waste water using evaporation technologies based on vapour compression. For 6 years, he was a Project Engineer at the Best Water Treatment, where he worked on project management for water treatment processes including desalination technologies and disinfection technologies such as Ozonation and UV-treatment. Matheis worked at the Engineering Research Centre at the University of Cincinnati, focusing on the impact of various pre-treatment processes on the formation of chlorinated disinfection by-products. Matheis earned a Diploma Degree in the field water treatment in the school of Chemical Engineering at University of Karlsruhe, Germany.