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Jim Tanner
Jim Tanner is Director of the aquatic division for ProMinent USA. His background consists of 29 years’ experience in the design and construction of commercial swimming pools and their mechanical and disinfection systems. His experience has led to a wealth of knowledge of the overall construction of commercial swimming pools and water parks and their requirements for a healthy and safe environment. Jim is also a certified NSPF CPO instructor as well as a member of NSF’s joint council. Jim started his career in the commercial aquatic industry in 1988 with Recreonics Corporation. In 1991, he joined Lincoln Equipment and worked as a regional manager and a Sales Manager. He commissioned many new projects, provided operations training, and consultation to customers, as well as troubleshooting issues with filtration and chemical feed systems. In 2001, Jim joined Stranco / Siemens Water Technologies as regional sales manager and then became director of sales for the disinfection division for aquatics and industrial. Jim was active in the global markets and was directly responsible for the importing ultraviolet technologies and on-site chlorination systems for the North American market while at Siemens. Jim authored numerous articles, while at Siemens Water Technologies, in national trade publications on disinfection principles and Ultraviolet technologies. In April of 2011, Jim started his career with ProMinent as the Director for the US aquatic division.