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Innocenzo Pochini
Innocenzo Pochini is the Technical R&D Director at A&T Europe S.p.A [Myrtha Pools] – Italy, where he specializes in FINA world class swimming pools. He graduated from Federico University in Naples, Italy with a degree in mechanical engineering. He speaks Italian, English and French. Mr. Pochini’s publications include: - A.Maffezzoli,[…] I.Pochini, L.Nicolais. In-situ polymerization behavior of bone cements. 1997. Journal of Materials Science - I.Pochini, J-Y.Noel. Simulation of an Electrical forced-convection Oven. 1999. Star-CD News - I.Pochini. Optimisation of the OZ domestic refrigerator. Frontier European project - I.Pochini, J.Champendal, E. LePen. Dual chamber Inflators. 2007. IPASS symposium lecture. - I.Pochini, D.Strazza. Swimming pools water circulation optimization with CFD analysis. ICSPS-2013 - I.Pochini. Formula 1 pools, Computational Fluid-dynamics . Piscine Oggi sept. 2013. - I.Pochini. Material assessment for a safe pool design. Piscine Oggi jun 2017.