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Darla Goeres
Dr. Darla Goeres has been doing research at the CBE since 1997. She leads the Standardized Biofilm Methods Research Laboratory, where her primary research focus is the development and validation of methods for growing, treating, sampling and analyzing biofilm bacteria. Dr. Goeres is the Chair of ASTM Committee E35 and is an active participate in ASTM Subcommittee E35.15 where she is the technical contact for the five approved biofilm methods. She and her team have collaborated with the US EPA Microbiology Laboratory Branch on the development of biofilm efficacy tests. In her tenure at the CBE, Dr. Goeres has investigated the efficacy of biocides for use in health care facilities, homes, recreational water, oil fields, and manufacturing plants. In 2014 she had a Fulbright to do research and teach in Finland.