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Robert Barzilay
Bob Barzilay is the co-owner and founder of Proper pH, LLC, a family owned East End (Long Island) Pool Company. Bob is fortunate to have not only an incredible business partner but also his partner in life, his wife Shira, to share in the success of their business. He is also the proud father of two sons, Zach and Egan and his “Baby girl” Piper, a Jack Russell who is (more often than not) his co-pilot. From the very beginning Bob has been dedicated to educating himself in the many facets of pool operations. He began in the pool industry with a dozen service accounts, determined to create a successful business. Through hands on, daily application Bob started finding his clients needed more than just pool service. Knowing education was the best avenue to provide knowledgeable and efficient repairs, recommendations and renovations, Bob signed up for any and all pool classes in the area. Through the connections he made in various classes, seminars and conference’s he developed a network of resources that furthered his understanding of the industry, offered additional educational opportunities and allowed him to develop a vast and intricate knowledge of quality service and practices. His enthusiasm for the industry has given him opportunities not only to train with manufactures, but also to provide his input on product development. Bob is known in his area of the world as the fixer. He is regularly requested to repair pool problems that seem unsolvable. He enjoys the challenge of solving difficult pool repairs. Bob loves what he does, his passion for the pool industry is reflected in his work every day. During pool season he spends his days (and most evenings) in the field, training technicians, meeting clients, overseeing projects and making equipment to ensure his clients have the best pool experience possible. In the off season he can be found studying for his next certification and figuring out the ‘proper’ configuration for upcoming installations. Bob’s ambition has grown beyond the walls of Proper pH. In addition to his devotion to his company he is determined to be a part of elevating the perception of the pool industry. His involvement as Vice President of the Long Island Pool and Spa Association, the various certifications he is authorized to teach, the education he continues to expand on as well as his inherent integrity have lead Bob to his goal of ensuring licensing and certifications are required of all pool professionals. Through work with LISPA and the Make a Wish Foundation Bob had the honor of participating in installation of a pool to make a child’s dream come true. The safety, design, and enjoyment of all watershapes is what drives Bob to be better than yesterday. In addition to his love of all things pool related, Bob enjoys being a member of his local community. Over the last twenty years he has hiked most of the local trails, which has lead to becoming involved with the East Hampton Trails Preservation Society, he has paddled many of the local waterways, cheered his children on at various sporting, educational and creative events, and has spent treasured evenings dining with his wife and business partner of 25 years.