What Is Chlorine Dioxide & Why Should You Learn About It?

New Industry Technology
Thursday, October 11, 2018 -
4:00pm to 4:50pm

The goal of this presentation is to inform the operators and decision makers on what chlorine dioxide really is and how it could change how they operate their facilities, to potentially make the water safer and minimize down time due to fecal releases. Operators will learn more on the applications of chlorine dioxide in aquatics and how it could benefit their facilities.  Potential benefits of chlorine dioxide to facilities could include saving money on chemicals during fecal release treatments, versus the current methods used, reducing downtime due to fecal releases, reducing the risk of legionella in their pools and spas, removing biofilms from pipes and filter beds, and, all in all, providing a safer environment for swimmers. This session will cover the basic chemical properties of chlorine dioxide. These properties will include different methods of creating chlorine dioxide, different common uses for it, and safety concerns with it. Once everyone is familiar with chlorine dioxide, the presentation will dive into the recently released CDC studies on its application in the aquatics industry and what that could mean for aquatics. Attendees will leave with a much greater understanding of what chlorine dioxide is and how they can use it to help better operate their facilities on many different levels, all of which is supported by CDC studies.

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Crystal C