The Health Benefits of Water Activity: Who Benefits the Most & Has Our Industry Missed an Opportunity for Profit?

Thursday, October 11, 2018 -
8:30am to 9:30am

A critical review of the scientific literature will reveal that aquatic activities are either more beneficial or on par with land-based activities for improving physical and cognitive health. There is, however, an interesting disconnect between the populations tested in the research and actual majority of pool users in America. For example, the majority of populations tested in the research are people with disabilities or younger healthy adults; and the majority of pool users, as reported by the CDC, are children and teens. It seems there is a missed opportunity for gaining profits in the aquatic profession. If the research is so supportive of the use of aquatics for improving health, then why is there a conspicuous absence of people with disabilities at public pools? Is there a lack of interest in those groups or a lack of marketing and access by pool facilities? This presentation will provide evidence-based suggestions for marketing aquatic activities to those with disabilities and the elite athletes. Swimming pool facility managers or manufacturers looking for ways to better market their facility or equipment will enjoy this presentation.

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Crystal CDEF