A Decade of Lessons & Successes from the National Drowning Prevention Alliance

Increasing Fun & Reducing Risk
Friday, October 12, 2018 -
11:00am to 11:50am

Over the past decade a number of lessons have transformed our approach to drowning prevention and water safety. Drowning is a complex problem that doesn’t have an easy solution. A single approach, program, and organization will not solve the U.S. drowning problem alone. Every year the National Drowning Prevention Educational Conference brings together leading experts and practitioners who address a wide variety of the most recent trends, research, and innovation surrounding drowning prevention and water safety. This presentation will include a review of selected topics from NDPA’s annual conference over the past decade including research based initiatives, programming advancements, and new approaches to drowning prevention and water safety. The discussion will also include important lessons learned along the way and how drowning prevention leaders have changed their approach. Every one of us has a vested interest in safer water and we must come together to face this national problem and global epidemic. Join us as we highlight the most impactful topics stemming from this annual gathering and discuss important information that all aquatic professionals must know.

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Crystal A