Instructor Update Meeting


Wednesday, October 10, 2018; 2:30-5 pm This meeting is open only to Active NSPF Instructors. NSPF Instructors are encouraged to attend the Instructor Update Meeting held at the WAHC each year. Awards are presented to top instructors and new products, programs, and practices are introduced in detail for the upcoming year. Instructors will also learn about incorporating best practices to flourish in business. *Reminder: NSPF® Instructors are required to attend an NSPF Instructor Update Meeting (either in person or online) during the Term of the Instructor Agreement, October 1, 2018–September 30, 2019, to be eligible for reauthorization in October 2019. Attending the update meeting also ensures your eligibility for NSPF to cover the $25,000 deductible on your general liability insurance policy.