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Go From A to THE®: Stop being A leader. Start being THE leader.


Go From A to THE®: Stop being A leader. Start being THE leader.

Join us on Thursday, October 19, 2017 from 1:00 - 5:00 pm for this workshop presented by our keynote, Ryan Avery.

Are you A leader or are you THE leader? Are you A sales consultant or are you THE sales consultant? Are you offering A product or THE product? Learn what differentiates A leader from THE leader and the strategies we need to know when switching from A to THE in our industry.

It is no longer acceptable for you to go from good to “great” when you want to persuade others to take action and stand apart from your competition. Your competition is great. Their products are great. It is time to go from A to THE in your industry!

Ryan Avery teaches the communication skills, strategies and insights the world’s best leaders and sellers use to get people to take action! After Ryan’s presentation, leaders leave knowing:

Takeaway 1: The major differences between what it means to be A vs. THE in your industry and how to make the switch
Takeaway 2: The communication strategies top leaders use to engage, motivate and get others to take action
Takeaway 3: The most powerful storytelling strategies leaders use to persuade and retain their customers